Salmon and Eggs

I saved some salmon we pan-seared last night for breakfast this morning to make salmon and eggs. I love salmon for breakfast (particularly the smoked kind), and it goes very well with eggs. I started by putting a bit of white truffle oil in a non-stick pan and then cracking eggs directly into the hot pan, which I prefer to mixing the eggs beforehand in the traditional scrambled-egg way. After the eggs were mostly cooked, I added some grated swiss cheese and finally, the salmon.


Since the salmon was already mostly cooked and I didn’t want to cook it more, I purposely left it until last. Finally, I sprinkled a bit of dill on top and breakfast was ready. Total time: 10 minutes.

Next time, it would be pretty good to add asparagus and serve on brioche. You could also do Hollandaise and have an awesome salmon Benedict.

Originally posted May 1st, 2010

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