Ingredient Spotlight: Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

Rosemary-infused olive oil is super-quick way to add great flavor to pizza dough, bread or potatoes. I used it instead of regular olive oil the last time I made Mark Bittman’s Pizza Dough (which, by the way, is a must-make), and the results were fantastic.


I made the infusion in basically the same way I make garlic olive oil — essentially deep-frying the rosemary in the oil. I heated up a cup or two of extra virgin olive oil in a cast-iron saucepan until it was hot but not yet smoking (be careful not to hit the smoke point of you’ll introduce off flavors). I then added rosemary — mine was dried, but fresh would work too — and let it “cook” for a minute or two before taking it off the heat. After cooling, I funneled the oil and a few branches into an oil jar and let it sit for a few more days before using.

A side benefit of doing it this way is that you get a nice rosemary smell in your kitchen for a few days.

Originally posted October 9th, 2010


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